Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Burgers, Bostons, and One Really Big Little Girl!

Well, we are back! Where did we go? Our blog was wrongly assumed to be spam and was temporarily locked. They were able to restore it, however, and we are now free to post. Speaking of freedom, happy late 4th of July to all. This was Jordyn's first experience with fireworks! She loves em'. Almost as much as she loves "Woter MmmmELLown" (Watermelon). We had a blast with Gammy and Buddy (her Boston Terrier). Here are some of those shots.


So, we humbly remember and thank those who have sacrificed, and are currently doing so, to bring us physical freedom. Some of which, we have made practice of often overlooking and ignoring, though we so also have many that we acknowledge and give thanks for. More than this, we would be remiss not to see the reality of a greater freedom. That is, the one purchased by the spilled blood of Christ. A freedom, not just from the penalty of sin (hell and eternal separation from God), but from the very power of present sin (present hold of sin on our lives). So many look to forward to the former manifestation of this freedom with great expectation, but demonstrate very little emphasis or expectation concerning the latter. They embrace the idea of freedom from the "sting of death", but are lax in the fight against sin and the holding up a banner of personal righteousness. "It is for freedom that Christ set us free". That means now! Let us remember, Christians, that we are commanded to walk in a manner worthy of "God", "the gospel", and "our calling". Not only are we commanded, but we are also equipped. It is not a call to try harder or a quest to gain God's favor through our good deeds. Instead, following the Spirit in order to put to death the deeds of the body is the natural overflow of what has been given to us, and understanding that the only thing that pleases the Father lies in the finished work of His dear Son. James says it is the true test of our faith. So, I would ask you Christians, "what sanctifying work do you see in your life"? I hope we can answer the question, for this is the demonstration of the truer freedom. It is the main reason that we so celebrate the physical one. The one we acknowledge on this day in July is merely the shadow pointing to the substance. Let us not neglect something so crucial to the authenticity of our new identity in Christ. May our lives testify to this understanding. By God's grace, we will.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Big Girl Bed.

Well, with Caleb coming very shortly, we thought it was time to free up crib-space. This would mean, of course, that Jordyn be moved to a different bed. So, that is what happened. A friend of ours (Thanks Jennifer!) found a toddler bed at a yard sale for $5! It was in good condition, except for one small bar that was nearly broken, and it was missing all of the hardware...of course. Other than that, it was a great find. I also found this amazing fabric at Hobby Lobby and made the comforter and two pillows. So, with a little sewing, sanding, some white paint, and multiple frustrating trips to Yeager's to compile hardware that would suffice, this is what we came out with.

Jordyn really loves sleeping in her new "big girl bed". Almost as much as she loves telling people about it. She has done really well. She does really well at night. During the day (naptime), however, she is pretty comical. She proceeded to march around her room with her blanket on her head for nearly an hour the first attempt. All in all, she has transitioned nicely and really loves her new sleep spot.

All-in-all, this was a fun and meaningful project. We were able to save some money and meet the immediate needs of our family with one go.

Bed price new: $100.00
Bedding set new: $80.00.

Bed price to us: $7.00
Bedding price to us: $30.00.

New total: $180.00
Actual total: $37.00

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