Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Homeschool Letters P, Q, R, & S

Letter P
P is for Pig

All of these printables are from: 1plus1plus1equals1 and abcjesuslovesme.com

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I was featured for Tot School!

Jordyn has CRAZY EYES!
Her friend Emma visited us for school.
We are watching Jordyn as she traces.
Emma is a good tracer too.
"P" is for Pig, Penquin, Pete the Cat, Ponyella, Perfect Present....

Emma is so beautiful.
They are working on puzzles together from the ABC Basket.

Decorating our letter P.

Tracing and Painting

These block activities are awesome!
Counting Fun with Fruit Snacks.

Tracing the #1.
"Down you run and then your done."

1-10 puzzle.

Sorting her Alphabet cards into her new chart.
Thank you aunt Charley!

FINISHED Letter "P" work

Tracing #2.
"Around and 'round and back on the railroad track. ToooTooo!!"

Letter P Maze
Bible Theme:
Adam and Eve Disobeyed God
Bible Craft
The snake moves in and out. The girls liked this so much.

Letter Q
Q is for Quail


TWO ANIMALS of each KIND go onto the Ark.

Bible Theme:
Noah's Ark and RAINBOW

Matching Animals from Noah's Ark!
Two of each KIND!

Letter R
R is for Raccoon
R puzzles

Such good Fine Motor work.
Three leaves on the number 3
"Around the tree, Around the tree. That's the way to make a 3."

Bible Theme:
Tower of Babel

We built many towers this week.
We also ate a 'tower' snack that was made of a huge stack of crackers with peanut butter in between.
I forgot to take pictures, I was too busy helping her eat the 'tower.'

Seasonal Activity

Q tip painting

Letter S
S is for Squirrel


EMMAS BACK!!! Jordyn loves having her with us during school.
We moved her desk so they could have more room.
LETTER S was so much fun!

She colored her 'Hey Diddle Diddle' characters so that she
could practice this nursery rhyme.
She loves performing Hey Diddle Diddle and Yankee Doodle.

Our Beautiful Girl.
3 years old ...what??? :(


She ran to me and showed me her work and was so proud of herself.

 Seasonal Activity

At the end of this song it sings "Blow them all away. Whoosh!"
This is when we blow leaves all into the air.

 TOT SCHOOL is around the corner Caleb......

.............."cotton balls taste awful!!!"
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