Tuesday, October 14, 2014

He Is Finally Here!

Caleb Luke Elliott
9 lb. 6 oz.
21 in.
At 8:10, Monday night, Caleb Luke Elliott joined our little family. In our hearts, he already had his place. However, the privileges of holding and caring for him were reserved until now. He is as strong and healthy as a baby boy could be. Praise God for His goodness! His kindness constantly amazes me. He has added another piece to our growing little family. Here are some of the memories made already.

Jordyn loves the new little man, her "bubba". Alvin and I have had to switch from a zone defense to man-to-man. It is quite the adjustment, but I am convinced that there are no greater joys in life. It is even more clear now that embarking on such things, all while relying on the joy of the Lord to be our strength, is the climax of the human existence. There is a hope and a piece that He gives to His people during such trials that surpasses anything the world knows. Oh, the riches of His love and patience toward us. What kind of love is this? Here is our growing family.

Jordyn just loves holding "baby Caleb". In fact, she is adamant about it. Come to think of it, she is a bit obsessed...
Look at our BIG girl next to her little bro.

Jordyn and Caleb have a whole slew of family that love him so much.

 Thanks to everyone who has shown our family love and care during this time. We could not have done it without all of your help and sacrifice. We continue to covet your prayers as the mission field in the Elliott household just got bigger and more dynamic. May we be about His business in all things.


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