Sunday, August 16, 2015

VBS 2015

Well, it was VBS time once again and once again the availability of quality, Biblical faithful curriculum was hard to find. That is why we chose the only sure thing: Ken Hamm and the guys at Answers in Genesis. This year the theme was "Camp Kilimanjaro: An Epic Expedition Through Proverbs". The children hit many points of proverbs dealing with wisdom vs. foolishness such as: the power of the tongue to build up and destroy, the dangers of walking with fools, the benefits of walking with the wise, the fear of the Lord as the beginning of wisdom, and the Word of God as the true source of it. Here is a link to Answers in Genesis for a look at future or past VBS curriculum.

Jordyn, of course, had an amazing time. Last year, we wondered how well she would do this year. In truth, we assumed she would still be too immature for a few years. We were wrong. She got way more out of VBS that we had thought or hoped. She had zero problems with discipline, learned her memory verses, and, even now, runs around the house singing all of the songs. We are very proud of her. I know she cannot wait for next year.

Camp Kilamanjaroooooo!!
Be sure to take frequent breaks from singing to get a bite from our Fruit Loop bracelet.

Every Expedition needs a guide...
That is a lot of Trekkers.
Such great little buddies!!

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