Saturday, August 30, 2014

Homeschool Weeks 3 and 4

      Our third week of homeschool was even better than the first 2 weeks. Jordyn has become even more comfortable with our new routine of "school." I have really enjoyed watching her grow. In many ways I have to model for her how to perform many of the tasks. My modeling has paid off, she has caught onto some skills that she started off having no success at. I am so proud of her and I can not wait to see just how much she will grow over the course of this year.

Week 3
ABCJesusLovesMe    Creation Day 4 "God made the Sun, Moon, and Stars"
Letter of the Week      Letter B   B is for Ball
Themeof the Week      "Ball and Fun in the Sun"
I did not do a very strong theme this week we mainly focused on the letter sound.

Day 1
Letter B
Theme: Balls and Outdoor Fun

Messy Fun: Playdoh

Bird, Butterfly, Bunny, Letter B
B Beginning Sounds
This was just for fun. Alvin pulled out the animals and she placed them where she thought they would live.
Check out the swan in the sky.
Day 2   Forgot a pic. of Tot Tray Shelf :(

Dot Painting!!!!!!!!!!!!


Water Coloring the "Big B" and "Little B"
FYI...Do not use cheap Dollar Tree Paints


1 : 1 Correspondence
God made the Stars on Day 4 of Creation
This is a skill we will be working on more often.
Day 3
Tot Trays
We worked our "B" puzzles from our ABC Basket.


Stamping the Letter B
The B says Buh as in Ball


Goodnight Moon Sensory Bin
Goodnight Moon was our Book of the week


Items from book:
Cow, Moon, Stars, 3 Chairs (No Bears) Kitten, Mittens, Mouse (No House), Clock, Socks
I am still looking for 3 little Bears, a small toy house, a small comb, a small brush, and a small bowl full of mush.


She had fun anyways. She asked to play with this all week. I was sad to put it away.

Day 4 Tot Trays with no action shots,.,,,, and I forgot to take Day 5 pics.
Here is finished work from learning about the 4 days of Creation. We used these completed items to review the days of Creation during week 4 of homeschool.
Week 4  
ABCJesusLovesMe    Creation Day 1-4 Review Week
Letter of the Week      Letter C    C is for Cat
Theme of the Week     Pets
Day 1
Gluing on our "C" page....a cat and cross
Still obsessed with glue sticks
Tracing the Letters with stones

Day 2
Sponge Painting.... First time for Jordyn
Dabbing the paintbrush vs. brushing was the challenge
She self corrected many times


Cat Puzzle
She was not very interested
I guess the suggestion of 3 and up is a good one in this case.
It doesn't hurt to model though.

Do you know who made the clouds? Made the clouds. Made the clouds.
Do you know who made the clouds? It was God who made the clouds.

Walking on the letter C with our Cat

I made shapes with our Letter Construction Kit.
After I placed them around the room she got to run to the one I called out.
Example. Run to the Big Circle

Day 3

This is a skill during "Praise Time" that she has really improved on. Here we are coloring the smiley face our 'color of the week.' She started off just drawing scribbles on the whole page and now you can see she is coloring on one of the smiley faces. I am soooo impressed.

This was so much fun.
She really took her time and was obsessed with the animals for the rest of the week.

She can ID circle, triangle, square, star, moon, diamond, and rectangle.
We are working on oval and hexagon.

Yes Jordyn a bird is a pet.

fun fun

Day 4



Day 5


Completed work for C is for Cats ...Pets theme

This is her 'Memory Verse' Lapbook

This is not a very good video of her reciting her memory verse, but it is all I could catch. Maybe next week she will say it better.



Thursday, August 21, 2014

Homeschool Weeks 1 and 2!!!

      August 4th was the jump off date of our first year of homeschool. After a long eventful summer full of church camp, VBS, moving into a new home, and a short trip to Texas to see greatgrandparents, we were totally exhausted but excited to begin this new journey!
     I plan to blog once a week now (hope to anyways) in order to show everyone what Jordyn is learning. This year we will will have many Biblical topics/themes and a letter focus weekly of a new letter (in alphabetical order). Along with the Bible topic and the letter of the week, we will have book themes, seasonal themes, and themes that correspond with the letter of the week (example: POND theme to go along with D is for Duck week). I will not take a picture of every "Tot Tray" but I plan to take some pictures along the way.
     I hope all of you enjoy seeing Jordyn as she transitions into this new part of her life. Love to you all. Crystal and Alvin

      First I want to explain "Praise Time." It is the very beginning of the EVERY morning, after breakfast of course. We begin by praying together, then she pulls out the "color of the week," "shape of the week," and the "number of the week." After each one we color these in our resusable Praise Time notebook. Lastly, she will look out the window and determine what the weather is like outside that day. She LOVESSSS Praise Time.

     Before we begin our "Tot Trays" she has to sit down, cross her legs and listen to the Bible Reading for the week. We read out of an ESV Family Illustrated Bible. She does very well listening and being patient before tearing into her tot trays. :)

Praise Time Board

Here you see that we have completed our board for the first day!

Week 1 of ABCJesusLovesMe with no letter of the week

Day 1 God Made Light Creation Day 1

Day 1 Tot Trays

Only Snapshot of the day, still working on a "pretty" smile.:)

God made LIGHT on day 1 of creation! 

Day 2 God made the sky and the waters Creation Day 2
Day 2 Tot Trays

Look God separated the SKY and the WATERS!
Veg. oil and water with blue food coloring!

Snack of the Day!
The Sky and Waters!
Her favorite was the sky (cool whip).
She is not a fan of jello.
Day 3 Reviewing Days 1 and 2 of Creation

Completed work!

Painting on a vertical surface.
Color: Blue Shape: Circle
She is so cute!
Transferring with tongs.

The first week was only 3 days. All following weeks will be 5 days a week until baby Caleb arrives! We will take a short break from school at that time!

Creation Day 3 God made the land and the plants!
Letter of the Week A
Theme: Fruit
Day 1
Tot Trays Day 1

We placed the land onto the felt board and discussed where the trees should go, the land or the water? She learned so much here as we found out later.

Fruits and Colors Matching
Day 2
Tot Trays Day 2
Absolutely loves to Dot Paint!!!
Got to love her smile.
Completed work!
God made the land and the plants on Day 3.

more action shots
transferring apple erasers

Painting on a vertical surface
Color: Red Shape: Line
I glued the spaghetti noodles on the night before!

Day 3
Tot Trays Day 3
During praise time we built a red line out of blocks
Color: Red Shape: Line

first time with much fun

Matching fruit

Matching fruit again

Day 4  Oops I forgot to take a pic. of the tot trays.:(

gluing seeds onto our creation day 3 craft page
She is a mess today!
3 part puzzle
She actually surprised me with this.
Day 5
Tot Trays Day 5
Notice our ABC Find It in the green bin!
This was a blast!!!
Q-tip Painting!!!
Fine motor

Happiest Face Ever!
Playdough Letter A

Sorting "Big A" and "Little A"

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