Monday, August 3, 2015

Lubbock and the Big "D"

Last month we took, what would be for us, the greatest (in time spent away from home) vacation that we have ever taken. For 10 days we covered nearly 1,300 miles and stayed in 3 hotels in 9 nights. Though it was littered with the daily need for antibiotics, the constant ache newly budding teeth, eye drops every four hours, inhaler puffs twice a day, and all of the interesting challenges that hotels bring to the lodging of small children, it proved to be a very fulfilling and strengthening time for our family. We spent some great time with family. We spent amazing time with friends. We were able to observe many corners of God's creative mind in nature that we rarely (or never) get to see.

Our first stop was at the Amarillo Zoo.
He had that pointer going a lot this trip.

    This is Alvin's new favorite animal. The "Skink".
Next, we headed to Lubbock to surprise our dear grandparents for their 80th birthday. It was a very beautiful event, they were completely surprised, and we were given opportunity to meet many people that knew Alvin when he was young and had many nice things to say about his grandparents.

Here is the birthday boy (H.A.) and girl (Barbara), Alvin's grandparents.
The kids really appreciated the dance floor.
There was nice time spent with Aunt Sage, Big Alvin, Gwen, and Aunt Kerry also.

From left: (Alvin, Sage, Gwen, H.A., Barbara, Kerry, Jordyn, Crystal, Caleb, and Alvin)

This marked only the midpoint of the trip. We then went to Dallas for the "Teach Them Diligently Conference". It was a glorious chance to be realigned, rejuvenated, revived, and reminded of the goals, most efficient methods, and Godward call of being parents that are choosing to teach our children. We met some friends there that made it that much sweeter.
30th floor at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel.
We also visited the Dallas Aquarium. One of the coolest things we have ever done.

9 Months!

She is trying to make a crab face.
Caleb just had to get a shark from the gift shop.

Lastly, we went with our very close friends to the Dallas Zoo.

 Glad to be back.
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