Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring Time, Allergies, Family, and Fun.

Spring is definitely here, and with it comes the sustaining rains of God. New rain brings new life. New life brings forth pollen. Pollen brings allergies. Those allergies create all kinds of fun for small families. Both kids had some sort of virus that causes your typical 103.7 temperature hikes, many spontaneous nose EXPLOSIONS, and double (yes, double) ear infections. This, of course, is topped off with teething, coughing, sleeplessness, and tears from adults and children alike. All of these festivities can be summed up in one face made by our very own Caleb, drenched in a cocktail of slobber and snot.
I'm sick...
Time has flown. It is quite a gift to have the ability to freeze time in a photograph. Where would we be without em? Here are some milestones of time that we would like to remember. These are some of the times that we will, one day, desire to look to again. Thank God for the option to do so.
5 Months.
6 Months. (Finally Sitting Up)
7 Months.

One of the most fun things about this time of "the journey" is just watching them with each other. Jordyn is so caring and protective of Caleb. She has already shown an interest in taking care of him and meeting his needs. She tends to him first thing in the morning, she sings to him in the car to quiet him, and whenever she "snatches" away the toy he is playing with, she always provides him with some lesser, more dull toy (not without making it seem so interesting so he will not cry). He, as you can imagine, is totally in love with her. She gets more of his attention, eye-contact, and smiles than anyone else. Here are a few of the most recents.


We also had a nice visit from some new friends. This is Jake and Moriah.

Finally, Jordyn's new memory verse.

In His Great Love,

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