Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter FUN

It's January!!!
For the month of January we are enjoying many activities. Check out our pictures of crafts, winter themed baths, playdoh fun, water coloring, winter window art, and sensory bin fun. We did so many wintery things except play in REAL SNOW....Where is all the snow we were projected to get?  Oh well, Alvin's calendar for school has him getting out before the end of May, if there is no snow... WOOOHOO!

Snowmen, Snowflakes, Penquins, and Snow!

She is showing me her penquin baggie.
Adding Button Shapes to our Snowman
Feeding our Penquins "FISH"


Adding the water to the page we colored with our water color crayons. So cool.
Do you want to hug a snowman?
Jordyn did.

The penquin on the left poops candy. It was perfect timing with potty training Jordyn.

The eyes are a little crazy.

We placed a large piece of contact paper on the window.
The is our set up for the Winter Art.

This was great for gross motor. She had to stand up and sit
down many times in order to place the items high on the window.

By Jordyn Grace Elliott

Sensory Bin! The Styrofoam falls just like snow!

I love books that point to God.
And even if they don't, directly, we always reference His work in everything.
Do you want to build a snowman?
Jordyn did!

Our "Snowflakes in Shapes" Book

I hot glued the snowflakes onto the cardstock

Our Snowmen (Jordyn's on the left, Mine on the right, )
After she found the straws it turned into acupuncture snowmen!

Sorting Gems
Blue, White, Clear


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