Friday, June 12, 2015

Sum, Sum, Summer Time.


Summer is here and the livin' is....not exactly what I would call easy. I would, however, call it the best summer of my life. It has only just begun and it is already clear that this summer is going to be uniquely different than any other yet or to come. The dynamic of Caleb (8 months) and Jordyn (2 years, 9 months) will never be duplicated. That idea may not seem as profound to you, the reader, but as a mother it has proved to be the source of much joy and also a bit of sadness. That being the case, we are determined to milk every minute this season of life has to offer. Here are some of our earliest attempts.

Jordyn "helped" Dadda put up the tent in the backyard.
A little "Peekaboo" to break in the new tent.
"Tittle Tittle"
Excited little campers.
What is camping without a campfire and roasted goodies?
One of our better ideas.
So, camping was great. After we read a bunch of books, Jordyn spent most of the rest of the time looking out the window with the flashlight for wolves. Once she was convinced there were none, she was ready for bed. She fell right to sleep, but started coughing a bit. Finally, at about 1:45, we had to retreat to her bed because she was coughing so hard. Turns out, she has asthma and the humid, warm air was causing her to cough. Her doctor is optimistic that she will grow out of it, but for now we are taking four puffs a day of her inhaler. That's our Jordyn.
Jordyn's best friends invited us to swim in their pool.
Relaxin' with Rissa.
Loungin' with Lilly.
Takin' a dip with Dadda.
Movin' and groovin' with Mamma.
Then, we decided to swim at home in our own little pool.
Last year she was scared of the slide, and next year she will be too big.
But right now, she loves it.
The pool has highlighted some big differences between her and Caleb. She likes calm water and dry hair. She would prefer to avoid any splashing at all. Caleb on the other a certified splash monster. It is a change equated to that of a werewolf. As soon as he hits the water he is transformed. He rather enjoys water on his face, in his eyes, in his mouth, and on everyone/everything within a 3 foot radius. This, of course, drives Jordyn absolutely crazy and makes for some great pictures.

Finally, here is quick snapshot of Caleb at nearly 8 months cruisin' around in his walker. Having access to nearly 85% of the house, due to our hardwood floors, he has really embraced his new found "freedom".

 The Lord is truly good. In His Great Name.


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