Friday, November 15, 2013

We Got The Blues!!

This week, we started early Tot-School. Our theme is the color blue. This "Tot Shelf" is the first in a series designed to encourage Jordyn to recognize blue when she sees it, and say the word "blue" (boo). The preparation: collect household items/toys that are primarily blue and lumping them together in the arrangement below. The activities for Jordyn: fine motor, transferring items between containers, scooping, pretend play, an "I Spy" bottle, and tons of blue fun.

Tot Shelf.

Another look at the Tot shelf.

Gems, cups, and flashcards are separated for monitored play only.

She seems to like it!

She loves transferring these gems.

Fishy fun book!

We will eventually visit everyone of the primary and secondary colors with this Tot shelf idea. (Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Purple). This will require a lot of colorful "things". If you have anything laying around the house that could be used in a Tot shelf, we would love to use it. Your junk could make an awesome learning opportunity for Jordyn. Thanks!

Here are the results of day 1.

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