Saturday, January 4, 2014

D is for Dinosaur!!!

We chose to take a break from our colors and enjoy some 'Dinosaur Fun!' Ultimately, we hope to give her a good, Biblical foundation to explain dinosaurs. This can be very confusing for children and even adults! We will teach her about these interesting creatures' existence based on scripture, since it is sufficient for all things. A couple of our favorite books that will help us in teaching Jordyn are 'D is for Dinosaur' and 'A is for Adam', by Ken Hamm. These books explain how dinosaurs were created on Day 6 of creation, some entered Noah's ark while others did not, then the ones that made it off the ark were killed by many possible factors. Overall they dispel the mystery of when dinosaurs lived, how they died, and how finding them now in the ground does not contradict the Bible or a 7 day creation, but actually harmonizes nicely. Below are some pictures of our dinosaur fun!
Dinosaur Tot Shelf!

Sensory Bin!
She loves the Geodes.
Good ol' Dinosaur scoop...
Dot Fun!
Coloring Page!
God Created Dinosaurs on Day 6!
Some dinosaurs entered the ark!
Some dinosaurs did not!
The dinosaurs that came off the ark died over time too.
Here are some ways they could have died hunters, ice age, volcanoes, storms, disease, drought, or snow.
The grand erupting volcano!!!!
She was very tired after this exciting day! We plan to play in the sensory bin, make dinosaur footprints in play dough, and do more coloring (she needs lots of practice)! All in all, it was a BLAST! 


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