Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Second Birthday Jordyn!

Jordyn had a wonderful birthday. We are only about 3 weeks late posting about it. That is actually pretty good considering... She got way too many presents! We will just introduce them to her periodically throughout the year. However, there were a few that she just had to enjoy right away. Some of her favorites were her Strider bike and her doctor set. The doctor set was especially valuable. It has revolutionized going to the hospital. Before: if she saw a doctor, she would be very cautious and cry. Now: as long as you have a stethoscope, she recognizes you as a doctor and she is ready to answer all your questions. It is hilarious and couldn't be better timing. With Caleb coming and her recent outbreak of hives, we have spent plenty of time in the hospital.
Dr. Jordyn is now seeing patients.

Best quote of the week:
Dad: "Jordyn, you have gotten so smart. Did you know that?"
Jordyn: "Yaaaaaaa......"
Dad: "Who made you smart?"
Jordyn: "God. Made. You. FART." (Laughter ensues)


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