Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Animal ABCs Letters 'A' & 'B'

Our new curriculums: Animal ABCs, and All About Reading

Letter A is for Alligator!

Coloring our alligators.
Exploring "Alphabet Soup" can.
Matching uppercase and lowercase Apples.
Size sorting A-A-A-Apples.

Q-tip painting/coffee straw painting.
Baby Caleb, just hanging out with us.
Letter B is for Bear!

Letter B set up.

Dot painting our 'B', and gluing our bears on.
Placing "Blueberries" on our letter B activity page. (All About Reading)
Book Theme
Sorting M&Ms by color on our Brown Bear animals.
Placing our animals in the order they are in the book.
Matching Heads and Tails.
I Spy bottle with Brown Bear animals inside.
Still just hangin' out...
Our 'B' Window.

"The letter 'B' Mama..."
Always teething....

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