Saturday, April 11, 2015

Homeschool Letters Y & Z

Here are the final 2 weeks of our journey through the alphabet using "Tot School Printables". We are currently on week 2, letter B, with our new curriculum "Animal ABCs". Jordyn is more interested in tracing letters than ever before. I will use her interest to my advantage in the weeks to come. I hope to establish correct tracing habits early, before she has a chance to create her own way to trace the letter 'B' for example. I have found the ipad to be a very useful tool in teaching her how to trace letters. We are loving our other new curriculum "All About Reading (Prelevel)". Also, our new puppet friend that visits us, 'Ziggy the Zebra,' is probably the highlight of our school day. The only downside is that, for the last 2 weeks, anytime Ziggy has to go back 'home' Jordyn has an absolute meltdown.


Letter Z

These PJs say My favorite letter is ZZZZZZZ !!

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