Wednesday, August 12, 2015

More Summer Fun

We had decided to make the most of this summer. It continues to be an eventful summer indeed. Here are some of the other happenings happening around the Elliott house.

Alvin made a wind tunnel for Jordyn. (Basically a large tarp, anchored on 3 sides, with air being funneled into one end) She was convinced that it was a cave and she was a bat the entire time. She had fun running from one end to the other.

 We through a little pool party for the twins, Ben and Beau. These guys are so cool!!

 This is one of the funniest thing that has happened all summer. Caleb has been cutting his front two teeth for nearly 7 years (it feels like it). It reached a fever pitch during and right after the Texas trip. When we got home, we noticed that he was incredibly fussy, so we gave him a dose of Advil. After we gave it to him, we noticed that he was uncharacteristically quiet. When we checked on him, first, he was just sitting in the hallway playing with his elephant. However, when we checked on him a second time (just minutes later), although it was nearly an hour before his nap, this is what we found. He was slumped over and passed out from the obvious relief brought by the medicine. So thankful we don't have to cut teeth as adults...

Next, was Jordyn's first haircut. Alvin did not think that there was that big of a change. He thinks haircuts should be drastic because his always are. I think she did great.


One of our newest summer past times is skating. Apparently, since skates small enough to fit a child Jordyn's size are basically boots with stationary wheels, and since a child Jordyn's age usually tires of "skating" after about 18 seconds, Jack's Skateland offers to let people like Jordyn do it for free every Saturday morning. They even throw in some animal crackers from time to time. Jordyn actually really likes it, as does Caleb. She is getting a chance to see the "big kids" skate while she scoots around the rink at speeds that would rival most adult snails. She is not even really fast enough to overtake Caleb in a race, but I am not sure she even realizes. To be honest, I think her favorite part is hearing "Old McDonald Had A Farm" played loud enough that she can scream the lyrics without anyone noticing. At any rate, we sure have looked forward to our Saturday mornings.

Finally, one of our coolest things about being at the dinner table is watching all of the hummingbirds out of our dining room window. July is hummingbird viewing time.

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