Saturday, September 26, 2015

Jordyn is 3!

Well, nearly 1,100 days ago, our little paradigm was gloriously interrupted by a spunky little brown headed girl with barrels of energy and a beautiful smile. That is our Jordyn. It is so hard to believe that it has already been that long. The human mind is so bizarre. I mean, we have a chart on the wall to monitor her height, it has been going up. We take her to the doctor, they weigh her, she is getting heavier. We teach her new things everyday, she knows more now than ever. I say all of this to say, that with all the evidence before us, we should have known that she was growing up before our very eyes. However, suddenly September 22 came around and, lo and behold, we were thoroughly surprised that our little girl really is less little than before. She is growing up. What can you say? Humbly, we say,  "thank you God" with tears in our eyes and we celebrate. Here are some memories from that celebration.

Caleb and Papaw goin' for a stroll.

The piƱata was a lot of fun. Each one of her little friends got their turn, and all got candy as well. It was all fun and games until the baked goods were brought out. Then it got real!

Our birthday girl.
She really liked it when we sang.
"Blow the house down"
Notice that look of accomplishment.
Congrats from Lala.

 "Lord, may we have the wisdom to rightly appreciate the time that You give us with Jordyn. To train her, to discipline her, to lead her toward You both for Your glory and her fullest joy. Forgive us for opportunities surely wasted in the first three years and beg for the grace to point her to you more genuinely and completely in the year upcoming. We love her so much. Thank you. Amen."


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