Thursday, November 5, 2015

Homeschool Letter W

We are finishing up printables are from’s Animal ABCs.
W is for Walrus….
This was totally spur of the moment.
Here is our All About Reading (Prelevel) letter page.


She is painting our Wolf from LearnCreateLove.
We are ‘Setting the Table’ here from our Horizons work.
She completed it from memory.

I did not take as many pictures this week sorry.

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Seasonal Activity….We LOVE FALL…
Here is our Sensory Bin.
It contains items we already had along with some rice that I died to make red, organge, and yellow with food coloring. I use the simplest method to die my rice. Why spend more money or time with something that may be scattered all over the yard pretty soon. HaHa.
My method:Fill ziploc bag with some rice (however much you want for each color). Drop food coloring in, zip the bag up, shake it up, add more accordingly. I do NOT use alcohol, coolaid, or anything else. Just rice and food coloring. Let this dry for at least 6 hours or more and enjoy.

Our set up was outside on a beautiful fall day. We were very spread out too. She had a blast, and was occupied for at least 45 minutes. The funniest part was she didn’t want me to play with her AT ALL.


I love these scoops.




We made a smiley face together.


She had to have swept the rice for at least 15 minutes. If only we can transfer this learning to the house.


Transferring with a large spoon.


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