Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fun In The Sun!!

Today was one of the hotter days of 2014. In fact, it was too hot for Jordyn to play on her slide and swing. She just kept yelling, "Oooottt". I told Alvin that we needed a pool. We are getting one, but Alvin wanted to try to build a sprinkler toy for Jordyn. A quick trip to Yeager's, $15, and 30 minutes later this is what he made.
The only thing left to do was put Jordyn through it a few times, and snap a few pictures. Turns out she loved it, but would not go through it without Daddy. We had to quit because she started coughing too much (stinky allergies), but here is what we were able to capture.

Looking forward to an exciting summer with my amazing little family!

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