Thursday, April 17, 2014

Current Happenings.

So, we caught a spider this week. Some sort of harmless wolf spider I presume/hope. Jordyn absolutely could not stop looking at it. She studied that spider for an absurd amount of time. In the process, she went through the entire spectrum of emotions. She was pretending to kiss it one minute and, seemingly, mocking it by saying, "die" the very next. (That just happens to be her favorite line from "A Bug's Life") It was really great until she dropped the cage, broke the knob to the door off, and let it escape back into the house... 

Here she is bustin' a move to her new favorite movie, "Frozen".

In other news...IT HAS BEGUN. The shift in paradigm that "one must resist the urge to use the bathroom in one's pants, and, instead, one must now use a toilet." I can't imagine how weird and confusing this must have been to learn. What is our strategy? We are shamelessly bribing her with marshmallows...lots and lots of marshmallows. Luckily, she loves them and will do pretty much anything to get them. We have had many successes, and she loves telling people about "pee peeing on the potty like a big girl". So, be sure to ask her when you see her. She is sure to get super excited and make a ridiculous face! Here she is in action.

 So far, life with Jordyn has been the most rewarding and exciting part of my life. It is so amazing to watch her learn what life is and how to do it. It has turned out to be way more fun that I had even anticipated.

"Lord, supply the grace needed to ensure that she knows that mommy and daddy love You. That she might know that any love we have for her flows, first, from a love for You. Protect her heart from the harm that our weaknesses could cause, and use them for good. As she looks now to us to lead her and guide her, please Lord, do not allow us to celebrate, allow, and promote things that are contrary to Your nature and Law. May we not defile, in the least bit, the gift that is our daughter. Amen"


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