Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy!

So, April 2nd was Alvin's birthday. He doesn't particularly like birthdays, but not for the same reason as most. He really thinks we should do away with them and celebrate the day we are born again instead. We could call them "new birth" days. He says, "the first birth only leads to death, but the second to eternal life. This second birth is the true 'beginning of days' for the Christian (Exodus 12:2) and should be the one we celebrate." However, as far as traditional pagan celebrations go, it was a great one! He received a lot of birthday wishes/blessings from family and friends (all very thoughtful), and we actually got to have dinner for two at one of our favorite restaurants. However, he would probably say that the best part was his gift. He found this 214ce Taylor acoustic/electric, in like-new condition, online for an less than half of the price of a new one. Having saved for a while, he snagged it. He is pleased with it!

The real news is: we heard the heartbeat! It was such a good, strong heartbeat, and there was only one. (phew) We really like our doctor, she seemed very personable. Now we wait........ Isn't it cool how the Lord has already decreed the gender, name, life, and eternity of this baby, of which, we have only but heard it's heartbeat for about 20 seconds? He will unfold these mysteries to us in His perfect time, and we get the joy of experiencing them as He allows. He truly is a Father that gives good gifts to His children (Luke 11:13)! In mimicking this principle, here are some more pictures of how we are seeking to unfold the world for Jordyn in true love and Spiritual discernment.


 She is such a complete blessing to us and a true joy to our hearts. And just when things get comfortable, here comes another one!

"Lord, enlarge our hearts and increase our capacities to love, that we might be able and willing to pour out affection and care on the new baby without removing any from Jordyn. Allow us grace to continue displaying Your mercies toward our family as we shepherd them in You. Amen."


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