Friday, June 27, 2014

Big News!!

There are three big pieces of news to report! Three happenings of importance (not equal importance) have occurred almost simultaneously. Here they are (in no particular order):

#1 - IT'S A BOY!!!

For those of you who are nearest to us, this is old news. But for the sake of documentation and sentimental effect, it is presented as New News.

Well, we decided to make the revealing of the sex of the new baby more of a spectacle than before. So, I persuaded Alvin to have a reveal party where everyone found out the sex of the baby at the same time. This required the ultrasound technician to insert the results of the ultrasound into an envelope to be given to the local florist... This florist would, then, blow up balloons (blue for a boy, and pink for a girl) to be released from a box in front of our loved ones. When the box opened, it contained wonderfully blue balloons. His name is Caleb Luke Elliott. Alvin now has a son, Jordyn has a little brother, and our family has officially doubled in size from when it started. We will have to change defenses now from double-teaming Jordyn to straight man-to-man. If we keep this up, we will be forced to drop back into a zone...


Picture representing Greenwood Jr. High School

Not much to report here, but it is notable. Alvin will be moving to the Junior High next year to teach 8th grade math/pre-algebra. He is excited, but this will be quite a change of pace from last year. Hopefully God will open up some ministry opportunities for Him with some of the students he has already seen to have influence with. May God receive glory from all of it.


In a strange, yet not surprising, turn of events, we sold our house in 3 days. We then had an accepted offer on a new house 3 days later. All so that we can better accommodate another little one. It is in a better location (near new school, nearer Fort Smith, nearer church and friends) and supplies the room we need.

Here is the link to description:


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