Friday, June 27, 2014

What a Summer, Already!

Nearly 2 months ago we posted about "being thankful in all things". Since then, much has occurred to be thankful for. In short, it has been the most future-altering, faith-strengthening, heart-encouraging, and memory-making 60 days of our marriage. And it all started with a rainbow.

May 15th we had a spring up shower that left this breath taking rainbow. It only lasted, in any notable intensity, for about 2 minutes. It was a great chance to remind Jordyn of our promising God and His faithfulness to faithless men.

(2Ti 2:13) if we are faithless, he remains faithful— for he cannot deny himself.
May 31st, we decided to take a trip to the Janet Huckabee River Valley Nature Center to see some critters and have lunch. Jordyn really loved it. There was a fake pond, where you can catch fake fish with a fake fishing pole. She like this the best.


June 16th was the day we left for Family of God Camp. (F.O.G) This is a summer camp centered around the whole family. We had nearly 90 children and adults, ranging from 5 months old to 85 years old, go this year. God blessed us sweetly in the weeks and months leading up to the camp, and during the camp. As we were contemplating the "Weight of Glory", here are some of the activities we were able to enjoy.

Last week, Papaw opened the pool and Jordyn got to try out her new floatie with her cousins, Annabelle and Adelyn. They had lots of fun. She is really starting to get the hang of it after watching those "big" girls.


Finally, here are some honorable mention photos of just some of the fun moments and of also some of Jordyn's favorite people in the whole world. Enjoy!

Pretending to go "night night". Very convincing...
Baby Benjamin!
Baby Beau!
Randi, Rissa, and Lauren.
Sad face with Aunt Charley...
AAAAAHHH, with Aunt Charley!!
Mr. David caught a real fish.
Mike and Destiny. (Father and Daughter)
Sweet Lilly!
And again.

What can we say but thank You, Lord? You have been so kind to us.


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