Friday, February 20, 2015

Homeschool Weeks 20 & 21

Week 20
T is for Train
Theme: Transportation


She is always on her phone!
This bin was full of cars the whole week. She did not play with one of them.
That's okay, I bet Caleb will one day!
Fire Truck puzzle

Favorite Book:
My Little Train

This was fun.
We made a train, car, truck, airplane, and a fire truck.
She loved putting on the wheels.

Week 21
U is for Umbrella
Theme: Weather

It is funny how much she played with this umbrella, she would cry/scream when she was about 15 months old when we would open an umbrella! Oh, how they change.

One Raindrop....
ABC Find It!
 I use this sometimes, but I am not faithful to use it b/c she will see this a lot with the new curr. coming up.
I want to keep her interest in it, it really is a good tool and there are lots of variations to it.
Her weather cards.
We were able to talk about a lot of different things like tornados, avalanches, and lightning.



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