Thursday, February 26, 2015

Homeschool weeks 21, 22, & 23

What fun we have had! I have just been very lazy with my picture taking. I am regretting that now as I blog about our 'letter focus' work. I only took 3 pictures the whole week of the letter "W." This is why I put 3 weeks on this blogpost.
Week 21
V is for VOLCANO

The stamping turned into dot painting and identifying the uppercase and the lowercase letters.
I did the big V and she is tracing over it.
She did the little v.
Tracing turned into stickering, once again I tried to do a pattern with her.
Stickering turned into FACE DECORATING
Tracing her Doc McStuffins again
playdoh as the volcano mold
vinegar with red food coloring
baking soda
Jordyn got to add the baking soda
We had talked about how lava was HOT!! She wanted to get as far away from it as she could.

She was blowing on it!
W is for WINDOW
WWWWaffles with blueberries
Tracing her Circles before letter work

Tracing her lines
X is for Xylophone
Jordyn on the triangle,
Daddy on the noisy thing,
Caleb on the bells,
Mommy as the videographer
Here is our lead singer:
Colin  Sir   Elliott
Not sure if the band will be together long...
Jordyn was the triangle queen morning, noon, and night for this week. HELP!!!
This is our new set up for Calendar/Praise Time in the morning.
Our new praise time board correlates to the buckets that are attached to the shelf. She 'draws' the color, shape, animal, and letter of the DAY out of them. The books on the shelf are switched out everyday. I got this new shelf b/c I felt like I wasn't reading to her as often as I wanted to. This is a very good visual aid to remind us to read during this time.

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